Jelani Jenkins



Jelani Jenkins is a 5 year NFL Vet and Certified Performance and Mindset Coach.

He is also the founder/CEO of Postseason – a social learning app that helps athletes continue their growth, success, and fulfillment beyond sports.

Jelani built his coaching practice in response to the challenges he went through after retiring from the NFL.

Built on two key principles, his practice focuses on Self-Discovery and Self-Mastery.

Through mindset training, he helps athletes and high-performers overcome their subconscious limitations to achieve their goals quicker, easier, and with more fulfillment.

In 2021, Forbes magazine highlighted Jelani and his company Postseason for their mission to empower athletes for life after sports.

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July 26, 2023 – A Sports Summit (A GatherVerse Event)

Athletics In The Metaverse

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