Andrea Basso

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He is currently advisor to the Progress Tech Transfer fund, an ITATECH Italian fund on sustainability.

In previous positions he served as CTO at MITO Technology, CEO for Italian companies and CTO for Italian and international companies (AT&T Labs – Research USA, NMS Communications USA, Sisvel Group ITA).

He currently serves as a senior expert at the European Commission (JRC) he is an evaluator for the H2020 and EIC Accelerator and a senior expert at the Worldwide Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

He studied in Italy (University of Trieste) and abroad (PhD Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, EPFL CH and Stanford Univ. USA). He has almost 3 decades of academic, technical, managerial experience in the telecommunications and ICT sectors.

Dr. Basso has been involved in the development of standards in international bodies, IETF, ISO / MPEG ( MPEG-2 , MPEG-4 , MPEG-7,HEVC) , 3GPP , ITU-T and IMTC (International Multimedia Communications Consortium). As a member of IMTC’s BoD, he promoted international media standards.

He has held the role of professor in Italian and foreign universities. In the context of Intellectual Property

Dr. Basso has more than 170 patents granted.

Dr. Basso has published over 60 articles, several chapters of books. He often participates as a speaker at international conferences.

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A Metaverse experience in the context of culture

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Metaverse experience in the context of culture and cultural heritage.

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September 20th-21st, 2022

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