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Ben Erwin’s work is dedicated to the advancement of the XR industry through recognition of its pioneers and events that provide an advocacy platform for thought leaders. He is a passionate proponent for cooperation on standards for the Metaverse.

As an Internet frontiersman since the 1990s, Ben has served as a developer and as an executive for digital media agencies creating data driven interactives for dozens of major brands.

For 13 years, he was a webmaster and consultant for the United Nations humanitarian section and partner NGOs, bringing awareness to the plight of women and children in conflict areas around the world. Before the internet, Ben began his career in the entertainment and music industry.

Ben is a digital polymath with decades of experience in marketing, management, programming, video editing, and writing. Influenced by his years as a veteran of the browser wars, he has teamed up with XR industry leadership to produce the MetaTr@versal series of events.

These events are designed to galvanize the community around cooperation on the development and adoption of open standards and platform interoperability for the Metaverse.

Ben believes passionately in the potential of immersive content as a positive means for evolved human communication, particularly in civics, journalism, and education. Through shining a light on the good works of innovators, he aims to help preserve their legacy and inspire others to build upon their work.

He is the creator of The Polys – WebXR Awards, WebXR Summit Series, and MetaTr@versal which have impacted the industry by catalyzing awareness of, and engagement with, the immersive web.

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Net Positive: Nurturing the Next Generation of the internet.

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“If we were to look at the Metaverse as a child, we would want it to grow up to be healthy and strong. We would want it to learn from, and not repeat the mistakes and missteps of its forebears. The building of the Metaverse has the potential to be humanity’s finest achievement that will outlive us all. The Metaverse we bequeath will outlive us all, so let us envision it to be something we want to survive us and make us proud. Let us look honestly at our past, so we
can holistically create a desirable and prosperous future.”

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September 20th-21st, 2022

GatherVerse EU Summit

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