Bruno Deussen

Creative MediaDesign & Immersive content Producer
Studio Deussen


Bruno Deussen currently a student of design and at the same time working at immersive projects at Studio Deussen and XR-Hub Bavaria, Bruno explores the creative potential between 2d and 3d Media in education.

In his role as a creative project lead he is responsible for the development of XR-Rooms for School education in collaboration with XR-Hub Bavaria and the XR-School initiative that they will launch on the 23rd of September.

Talk Title:

How can XR-Rooms inspire new learning experiences?

Talk Description :

Curious about how XR-Rooms can be used in education, what might be the up`s and down`s in their usage?

Then this talk is for you. We will give you a short introduction about the XR-Rooms “Adenauer XR”, that is about the political institutions in Europe and learning space “Townhall” an XR-Room for school classes to learn about democratic processes in the town hall.

After the intro we will give you a live presentation of the learning space Townhall, where you can join in as an avatar if you like.

The talk will conclude with a Q&A Session and an introduction of the XR-School initiative of the XR-Hub Bavaria.

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September 20th-21st, 2022

GatherVerse EU Summit

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