Cecilia Lascialfari

Creative Strategist Technologist | European Journalist | XR | AR | VR | Co-Founder ARea6DoF | Blogger | Videomaker | Photographer


I’m a Creative Strategist Technologist, European Journalist, I work with XR, AR, VR, Blogger, Videomaker, Photographer.

I work in a Department for Digital Innovation – Multimedia Asset Production Area (Videos, Audiobooks, Research, AR/VR/XR) – of the third most important publishing house in Italy.

I’m a Co-Founder of I’m Organizer of AWE Nite Florence from 2020. I’m the creator of the project “Flying Into The Metaverse Through Books & Culture”. “The right tool, the right job”. I sense, analyze, produce, solve.

Over the years I have learned to use: pencil, brush, nails and hammer, camera, video camera, computer, internet, graphics, video, audio, 3D, 360-degree videos, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality… Specializations: Macintosh and Windows operating system.

Complete Adobe Collection (After Effects, Premiere, Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign…), Unity, Kolor Collection, Go Pro, MistikaVR, Garmin, Panotour, Autopano Pro, Fusion Studio, Final Cut, Logic Pro, Office Package, Autodesk Maya, Quark Xpress, Sonic Cine Vision, Html, Ws _ Ftp, Camargue, Joomla…give me a program and I’ll use it! Since 2010, I have been working as a professional in the field of multimedia productions (publishing sector), I manage the realization of projects that exploit new technologies such as 360-degree video, NFC (Near Field Communication), Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality, Virtual Reality, production of audiobooks and new ways to interact with digital books; I relate to companies outside the company.

I worked in web marketing, with social media and I managed websites for a few years. I have a specialization in “Contemporary African Art”.

In 2005 I designed the pictorial layout of the Nelson Mandela Forum in Florence, curated by the international artist Esther Mahlangu and the Women of Ndebele (South Africa); project realized by the Palasport Association, in September 2010.

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The right path is the one in front of you.

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A brief overview of who I am and how I arrived in the XR sector, on my experience as Co-Founder of ARea6DoF, organizer of AWE Nite Florence, organizer of Flying into The Metaverse Through Books & Culture and on the various trade fair experiences I have had in the world.

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