Marie Raccuglia

Innovation product strategist leader
Ignition keys (consulting)


I have worked in customer experience for 13 years and I started as Customer Experience Project Manager. In 2014, I also started working as an IT consultant and developed new technical skills.

In 2019, discovered VR technology, for me one of the biggest CX and user experience opportunities in the market today.

In 2021, as a CX expert, I joined the European Customer Experience Organization and I became chair of judges at the International Customer Experience Award.

My goals for joining this organization are to learn and share best practices with other CX experts in order to create the future of the customer experience.

Talk Title:

VR learning : a poweful opportunity for the learner experience?

Talk Description :

Do you think your brain makes the difference between you and your VR virtual avatar? At the moment, most people cannot. This is one of the keys to improving the learning experience… Ready to talk about cognitive embodiment, immersion, and so on? Welcome to the learning 3.0

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September 20th-21st, 2022

GatherVerse EU Summit

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