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The Self Doubt Solution


As a Mindset Coach, TEDx Speaker, and Conscious Leader, Mario Lanzarotti is focused on helping solopreneurs confidently reach the next level in their life by empowering them to break free from the self-doubt that is holding them back.

From CEO’s to Olympians and mission-driven entrepreneurs, Mario helps high-achievers all across the world gain the mental clarity and focus necessary to achieve what would normally take years in 6 months or less.

Today Mario travels the world on a mission to raise the consciousness of humanity through his master classes on conscious leadership and next-level Mindsets.

Talk Title:

Stop doubting yourself and go after what you really want!

Talk Description :

I would like to talk about how leaders can overcome the self-doubt that is holding them back from more wealth, freedom, and impact by guiding them to adopt an abundant Mindset.

In it, I will reveal to them how self-doubt is actually one of the best things that ever happened to them.

They will receive the practical steps to use self-doubt as fuel to become unstoppable.

This talk is leaning on my recent TEDx talk which is at almost 400k views after 1.5 months of being live.

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September 20th-21st, 2022

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