Mohammadreza Mazarei

The Storyteller
Staffordshire University


Mo MAZAREI is a VR artist designing new methods of interactive storytelling for XR movies and reinterpreting film theories for a “Cinema-without-camera”.

He is a lecturer in game design and interactive filmmaking, teaching and supervising different stages of creating an interactive AR/VR/XR movie.

Talk Title:

XR Storytellers Community

Talk Description :

How can stories conduct the development of XR technologies?

Technologies already have provided a fertile ecosystem for creative storytellers and artists to design XR products.

But the XR artists could take a step forward and create the path of sustainable development for the XR technology by inventing new storytelling methods.

It is a discussion about:

a) representing a standpoint on XR technologies development concerning the role of storytellers, and

b) introducing Euromersive’s “XR Storytellers Community.”

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September 20th-21st, 2022

GatherVerse EU Summit

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