8:00 AM PST Fireside Chat: Christopher Lafayette & Ruth Diaz
“The Psychology of DEI in XR”
8:10 AM PST Roundtable Discussion: “Navigating the Challenges of Impact-Driven Entrepreneurship”
Panelists: Andrea Silva, Ed Lantz, Vasilapostolos Ouranis, Omkar Pimple, Jared Arms, Andrea Carmago, Marc Loeb
Moderator: Russell Bundy
Julia Scott: “Designing games with the mind in mind”
Barry Haughey: “HoloGen-Unlocking Potential: Transforming Education with Immersive Technologies”
9:10 AM PST Roundtable Discussion: “Why have you chosen this path? Why should others?”
Panelists: Divya Anantharaman, Allen Olson-Urtecho, Benjamin Suleiman, Terence Leclere, Daveed Benjamin, Trish Kane, Richard Bukowski, Jonas Surmann
Moderator: Christian Brown
10:00 AM PST Fireside Chat: Christopher Lafayette & Adrian Rashad Driscoll
“Becoming a Founder in the Ai Era”
Genea Barnes: “Entrepreneurs … the Evolution of Humanity is in Your Hands”
10:10 AM PST Roundtable Discussion: “What does XR, Ai and Humanity together look like?”
Panelists: Sasha Tityanko, Liam Broza, Thomas Herman, Charlene Nichols, Frank Mueller, Sharron McPherson
Moderator: Christopher Lafayette
Adam Yasmin: “On going hyperslow in an exceedingly fast world”
Karen Shidlo: “Web3: Bridging the Digital Divide for a Better World”
Jeremy Prasetyo: “Securing Web3 – Why we need to reinvent the current model”
Closing: GatherVerse Founders Summit – “Christopher Lafayette”


Sasha Tityanko
Sasha TityankoDeputy CEO
Read More
Omkar Pimple
Omkar PimpleFounder-CEO
Read More
Charlene Nichols
Charlene NicholsCEO
The Omniverse City
Read More
Christopher Lafayette
Christopher LafayetteFounder
Read More
Andrea Silva
Andrea SilvaFounder
Nodo DAO
Read More
Adrian Rashad Driscoll
Adrian Rashad DriscollHead of Immersive
Read More
Ed Lantz
Ed LantzFounder and CEO
Vortex Immersion Media
Read More
Andrea Camargo
Andrea CamargoFounder
ReFi Collective
Read More
Russell Bundy
Russell BundyCEO/President
Read More
Ruth Diaz, Psy.D.
Ruth Diaz, Psy.D.Core Vision Owner
Liminal XR
Read More
Julia Scott
Julia ScottCoFounder, CEO
Gambit Labs
Read More
Christian Brown
Christian BrownFounder
Read More
Barry Haughey
Barry HaugheyFounder, Artist, Educator
Read More
Jared Arms
Jared ArmsFounder
Read More
Allen Olson-Urtecho
Allen Olson-UrtechoDesign Lead, Founder
Studio Bahia
Read More
Benjamin Suleiman
Benjamin SuleimanFounder
Project Save The Planet
Read More
Daveed Benjamin
Daveed BenjaminFounder
Web4 Foundation,
Read More
Vasilapostolos Ouranis
Vasilapostolos OuranisCo-Founder & COO
Read More
Terence Leclere
Terence LeclereFounder CEO
Read More
Karen Shidlo
Karen ShidloCMO
Fiat24 (SR Saphirstein AG)
Read More
Liam Broza
Liam BrozaCEO
Ethereal Engine
Read More
Richard Bukowski
Richard BukowskiForecasting Facilitator, Futurist
Digital Wheel of Fortune, LLC
Read More
Trish Kane
Trish KaneFounder & CEO
Read More
Thomas Herman
Thomas HermanCEO
Meta Carbon
Read More
Genea Barnes
Genea BarnesFounder of Be the Wolf and Level Up Coach for Entrepreneurs
Be the Wolf
Read More
Adam Yasmin
Adam YasminSlow Tech * Tea Facilitator
Read More
Divya Anantharaman
Divya AnantharamanFounder
Ikabit Inc.
Read More
Frank Mueller
Frank MuellerCo-Founder / CTO
Read More
Sharron McPherson
Sharron McPhersonCo-Founder & CEO
Resilience Technologies Inc dba “The Green Jobs Machine”
Read More
Jonas Surmann
Jonas SurmannFounder
Read More
Jeremy Prasetyo
Jeremy PrasetyoEntrepreneur
Read More
Marc Loeb
Marc LoebFounder
Read More

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