Orakwe John

AI Strategist/Digital Transformation Lead
Arcitura Education Inc.


I am an AI Strategist and Digital Transformation Leader, with an MBA in Advanced AI & the Future of Automation.

One of my notable achievements is the creation of the world’s first AI-narrated professional training course, “Applied AI for Business Leaders and AI Enthusiasts.”

This groundbreaking program aims to empower 120,000 business professionals around the world, by developing their AI skills and readiness for the future of work in the next 24 months, starting April 2023.

Also, I have authored the highly regarded “Digital Transformation Strategy Guide,” providing valuable assistance to numerous AI-ready companies and business leaders to solve critical business problems.

From 2023 to 2030, my mission centers on guiding business leaders through the evolving landscape of Human+AI. Thus, my approach involves educating through the Applied AI Program, sharing daily AI insights and experiences on LinkedIn, consulting on global AI projects, and occasionally participating in professional summits around the world.

In April 2023, I delivered a keynote speech to an audience of 200+ realtors at BRG Academy in Lagos, Nigeria. And in February 2023, I facilitated an online seminar for MBA and BBA learners at Nexford University, demonstrating the utilization of AI tools to optimize the process of job search.

In the first six months of this global mission, there have been other key engagements and mentorship sessions on the future of work, which have created opportunities for consulting on multi-year projects with governments and private sector partners in the MENA region, Sub-Saharan Africa, and Europe.

In Q3 and Q4 2023, I plan to speak on the Future of Work at several international conferences, in South Africa, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Lebanon.

On my LinkedIn page, updated on a daily basis, Orakwe shares valuable knowledge and Applied AI insights, equipping business leaders with the necessary resources to leverage AI to achieve significant cost savings and productivity boosts.

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