GatherVerse Immersive Intelligence


8:00 AM PST Opening – Christopher Lafayette
8:05 AM PST Fireside Chat – Christopher Lafayette & Bob Cooney
8:20 AM PST Emily Wright – Mitigating User Bias in the Digital Age
8:30 AM PST Vinita Chatterjee – AI and the Web3 Revolution
8:40 AM PST Roundtable Panel – “The Role of AI in the Metaverse: Building Intelligent Virtual Societies”
Panelists: Dr Ed Tse, Amany Alkhayat, Daveed Benjamin, Javier Calderon, Terence Leclere, Omino Gardezi
Moderator: Christopher Lafayette
9:40 AM PST Fireside Chat – Christopher Lafayette & Devin Baldwin
9:50 AM PST Fireside Chat – Christopher Lafayette & Ippolito Caradonna
10:00 AM PST Roundtable Panel – “Enhanced Realities: The Convergence of AI and Extended Reality (XR)”
Panelists: Manuel Sainsily, Allen Olson-Urtecho, Kevin Logan, Namrata Dhasmana, Ganesh Raju, Lynn Gitau, Orakwe John
Moderator: Christopher Lafayette
11:00 AM PST Closing – Christopher Lafayette

June 14, 2023 (A GatherVerse Event)

GatherVerse Immersive Intelligence

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