Namrata Dhasmana

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EvoluTioon Strategies


Major Namrata Dhasmana’s vision is to create a shift from a Developing Economy to a Developed Economy.

She is an Alumnus of the OTA and IIM L, a Thought Leader, Business Strategy Expert, Corporate Speaker, Economist, and Author. Globally, Namrata is associated with BRICS Conference Research and is active in contributing to and reviewing Conference papers and Chapters.

Namrata Dhasmana is a known name and face in India and the global consulting industry.

Namrata is a catalyst in the Education Industry as College to Corporate initiative.

One of the very few successful Transitions from military to corporate Namrata has been featured in many leading corporate magazines and face of panel discussions.

Namrata aligns Geopolitical issues with Corporate to keep them aligned with world order and change in Industry.

She has done her Senior Leadership in Advance Studies in Strategic Management from IIM Lucknow (Noida Campus) and PGCBM from IIM L (Lucknow Campus).

She is an active Economist and has been in various leadership roles in MNCs and Indian Companies like Vedanta, Wells Fargo, and Genpact.

Namrata has completed her certifications like Global Gallup Professional and Design Thinking Practitioner.

She is passionate about reading and emphasizing microeconomics, business, and finance.

She has published 19 editions based on her analysis in leading Print Media (Hans India, Mid Day) corporate Journals Global People Matter and Yours Positively).

She is associated with BRICS RESEARCH CONFERENCE 2.0 and research and reviews International Papers.

She is an avid runner and Yoga Practitioner. Namrata is also honored as an honorary member of the Women’s Economic Forum and a founding member of Dream Uttarakhand -which is a volunteer association of women and men to uplift the socio-economic status of Uttarakhand.

Namrata is an Indian Achievers Award winner and Pillars of Maharashtra as a Socio-Economic Analyst and Thought Leader.

She is a founder of Evolutioon Strategies a platform of transformation of people and business.

In her Leisure time, Namrata rejuvenates herself by Driving and Reading for Personal Growth.

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