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Latin SummitBecome a SponsorA GatherVerse Event

May our gather be well

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Latin Summit
September 28th, 2022
A GatherVerse Event

Join us as we gather, discuss and discover the Latin ecosystem and what role the Metaverse holds within it.

5 Steps to Starting Impact

  1. Present Topics
  2. Panel and Keynote Discussions
  3. Document Discussions
  4. Create all salient points
  5. Share with Relevant Communities

Pre Summit

  • This is the time we begin gathering our speakers and moderators. Each session is thoroughly prepared for and properly managed.
  • Each topic carefully selected and each participant appropriately selected. All sessions will be recorded, documented and formatted to serve as a guide for better steps toward and in the Metaverse.

Post Summit

  • We host a series of events year round and an Annual Summit assembling thought leaders, multi-industry professionals and practitioners to share their ideas collectively on how they view a humanity-first approached metaverse.

Latin Summit 2022 is a GatherVerse event.

May our gather be well.

Latin Summit (A GatherVerse Event)

September 28th, 2022