BITCON & GatherVerse are bringing the Metaverse to Disney World!

This is an invitation to join us at BITCON 2022 as a Metaverse booth participant.
Each participant will have one free booth, wi-fi, power, and common utilities that will be provided.
Additionally, you and your cohort will be able to attend BITCON for free.
We’re expecting well over 1,000 attendees.
This is a great opportunity for networking and to showcase what you’ve been building in the metaverse.

Location: Coronado Resort Disney World, Orlando, Florida

Date: 26 Oct – 28 Oct 2022

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Coronado Resort Disney World,
Orlando, Florida

26 Oct – 28 Oct 2022


This year we anticipate that over 1,000 people will come to Disney World for BITCON 2022. You’ll be joined by technology leaders and IT professionals from the world’s largest companies, promising new startups, influential investors and leading journalists.


Attend workshops and training sessions from beginner to expert. Topics and tracks include: Web 3, cryptocurency, NFT, metaverse, AI & ML, gaming & e-sports, cloud/DevOps, cybersecurity, data science, social responsibility & policy, career development, entrepreneurship, and storytelling.

Career Development

Participate in one of the largest career fairs for diverse tech talent. Dozens of companies are looking for top tech talent and they are leaning into diversity.


BITCON is the annual conference for the Blacks In Technology community hosted by Blacks In Technology, LLC (BIT) and the 501(c)(3) Blacks In Technology Foundation.

The 2022 conference will be a hybrid of in-person and live streamed main stage, attended by IT professionals, university students, and a variety of afro-technologists and futurists.