Aileda Lindal

Transformational Executive Coach and Business Consultant


Aileda is an experienced Strategist, Team Development Specialist, and Transformational Mindset Leader. She carries the extraordinary ability to visualize organizations at both micro and macro levels.

While business consulting and coaching a multitude of organizations in mindset, strategy, growth, system set up, and long-term goal attainment, she has also coached individuals to reach new levels personally and professionally as a Transformational Leader.

Aileda has been formally invited to the White House to offer business opinions on international trade agreements. Aileda is passionate on the topics of Quantum Physics, Neuroscience, and Epigenetic’s.

Covid-19 set Aileda on a new path into the world of Medical System set up, Executive Mindset Management, and Medical Team Development in the Medical Industry in NYC.

She has lead the transformation of teams and Executives in various industries as well as individual people to overcome their obstacles and challenges, ensuring them the ability to create overall success, while motivating them to achieve their goals.

Always exceeding the client’s expectations. Aileda has also donated her time to Veteran Marines with outstanding success welcoming them back into civilian hood here at home.

Talk Title and description:

Talk Title :

Your programming matters! Learn how your physical system works and you can change anything.

Talk Description :

Become educated on your physical system, how it works, how your mind is programmed, and how to harness and bridal conscious awareness to work in your favor. The power has been yours all along!

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