Dr. Muhsinah Morris

Director, MetaHouse Metaversity/CEO, Founder


VR Enthusiast, Innovator, Educator, Speaker, Autism Advocate, Author, Wife, Mom Muhsinah L. Holmes Morris, Ph.D is the former Interim Department Chair/Assistant Professor of Chemistry and is now in the Department of Education and Assistant Professor of Education for the Center of Morehouse Center for Excellence in Education (MCEE) at Morehouse College in Atlanta, GA.

Dr. Morris is Morehouse College’s 2021 Winner of the Vulcan Teaching Award of Excellence. She is an alumna of Clark Atlanta University (B.S.) and Emory University (M.S. & PhD).

Her research interests focus on inclusion in STEM for the neurodiverse. She is the Principal Investigator (PI) of the VR Project, “Morehouse in the Metaverse”.

She launched her Advanced Inorganic Chemistry course in Virtual Reality in the Spring of 2021. She is a pioneer in this space as the chemistry content in VR is limited.

She is the wife of a gamer/techie named Chris and mom of 5 sons, Anthony, Matthew, Christopher, Seth and Cameron. She believes VR provides a pathway for creating inclusion in society for the neurodivergent through immersive educational experiences that more specifically target vocational rehabilitation goals.

As a member of the Autism Speaks Community Advisory Council, Advocacy Ambassadors, and Grant Review Committee, Dr. Morris sheds light on the issues that affect the 1 in 44 children and 1 in 45 adults on the autism spectrum. Her teaching philosophy centers around building a rapport with students before asking them to perform, and she infuses metacognitive goals as part of her learning objectives in the classroom to help students persist through their educational experiences.

She is affectionately known as Dr. M.O.M. (Molder of Minds) by all her students. She continues to mold the minds of educators and students globally in the Metaverse.

Her future is authentic transformation of the educational system for our future leaders using immersive technologies in the Metaverse.

More recently, she founded Metaverse United, LLC where she helps people find where they belong in the embodiment of the internet called the Metaverse. Learn more at UnitetheMetaverse.com.

Talk Title and description:

Talk Title :

Immersive Meditation Practices to Improve Your Mental Mantle

Talk Description :

The use of immersive virtual reality may help create a solid meditative mindfulness practice to improve life. The Metaverse can help community building by sharing difficult discussions with like-minded individuals, as well as coping strategies.

At Morehouse College, Meditation Mondays in the Metaverse have shown to increase a sense of belonging for students in a COVID-19 world. Mental fortitude can be developed using immersive VR and help create communities of hope.

Mental health is ravaging youth, and it is time that we as adults and those of us who are educators came clean about our own struggles and triumphs. My mental mantle has been forged with experiences wrought with battles with depression, anxiety, and a multitude of medicinal, holistic, and psychological therapies.

By far, immersive VR has provided a safe space in the midst of implementing practices that help stretch the essential muscle that helps us create boundaries. Self-care is more than the occasional spa day.

For some, it is akin to a 12 step program where the daily focus is practiced incessantly to survive the next moment. Hence, I will share my story of waging war over my own mental capabilities.

Immersive VR is a tool that helped me bridge the gap between mental madness and a stronger mental mantle. This is the most important lesson I will teach in the Metaverse.

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