Kathryn Walker

CEO at Revitalist Lifestyle and Wellness


Kathryn Walker, CRNA, SPMHNP, has been a leading provider in the holistic medicine space since opening Revitalist in 2018. She has worked with a variety of clients that are considered treatment resistant with chronic mood and pain syndromes as well as those seeking continued quality of care for generalized wellness.

Since opening Revitalist, Kathryn has participated in thousands of infusions working in an integrative team model of medical and mental health professionals. With a gross income surpassing over $1 million in revenue in 2020 Kathryn functioned in the role of CFO and COO leading a strong team of multidisciplinary practitioners.

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Talk Title :

Mental Health in the Metaverse – Real Time Access to Our Veterans, Athletes, and First Responders

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Mental Health continues to rapidly evolve with innovation allowing greater access to more effective solutions for all. Join us as we discuss the Metaverse and Revitalist’s virtual clinic platform, Revitaland and the impact it has on providing unique access to some of our most underserved professionals – Veterans, Athletes, and First Responders

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