GatherVerse Summit 2023

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GatherVerse Summit 2023
February 21st-23rd, 2023
A GatherVerse Event

2nd Annual GatherVerse Summit 2023

The Human Side of the Coming Metaverse

  • Introducing our annual GatherVerse Summit, a 3 day long global event for interested communities to gather, consider, propose, document and share human centered approaches to the much discussed metaverse.
  • A distinguished roster of nearly 175+ speakers from government, academia, industry and more will present keynotes, talks and roundtables during the summit. These include thought leaders from the ranks of designers, producers, authors, advisors, podcasters, public policy advocates, researchers, security specialists, filmmakers, education experts, futurists, wellness practitioners and global community leaders looking to add real human value to technologies that connect us.
  • Humanity-First is the overarching theme of Gatherverse. Key topics include accessibility, education, equality, building vibrant communities, wellness, safety, and privacy concerns.
  • Hear from global experts as they collectively define the Metaverse, its elements and the importance of a “Humanity first” approach towards building it.

GatherVerse – May our gather be well

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