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Mariam Brian
Mariam BrianCEO Founder
Holo Art
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Dr. Thomas A. Furness III
Dr. Thomas A. Furness IIIFounder and Chairman
Virtual World Society
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Lubna Dajani
Lubna DajaniFounder and CXO
Allternet LLC
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Louis Rosenberg
Louis RosenbergCEO & Chief Scientist
Unanimous AI
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Muhsinah Morris
Muhsinah MorrisMetaversity Director/Founder & CEO
Morehouse College/Metaverse United
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Christopher Lafayette
Christopher LafayetteFounder
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Claire Weingarten
Claire WeingartenFounder
Living Machines Media
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Jeremy Prasetyo
Jeremy PrasetyoEntrepreneur
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Nadja Bester
Nadja BesterCo-founder
AdLunam Inc.
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David Lockett
David LockettCo-Principal Investigator (Co-PI)
Meharry School of Applied Computational Sciences
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Sasha Tityanko
Sasha TityankoDeputy CEO
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Dr. Ed Tse
Dr. Ed TseCEO
Ai Parenting
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Eithne Kennedy
Eithne KennedyFounder and CEO
Isle Of Us Productions Pte Ltd
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Aric Dromi
Aric DromiFuturologist
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Sandra Helou
Sandra HelouCEO and GCC lead for Zilliqa Group
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Nathan Kinch
Nathan KinchResponsible Firekeeper
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Andrea Camargo
Andrea CamargoFounder
ReFi Collective
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Adrian Rashad Driscoll
Adrian Rashad DriscollHead of Immersive
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Lynn Gitau
Lynn GitauCOO
Africa Meta Club
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Jared Arms
Jared ArmsFounder
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Mary Collins
Mary CollinsHypnotherapist
C.H.A.N.G.E Hypnotherapy
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Terence Leclere
Terence LeclereFounder CEO
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Eva Pascual
Eva PascualAwareness Adviser
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Jonas Surmann
Jonas SurmannFounder
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Safaa Alattar
Safaa AlattarSenior Manager Growth and Business Development
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Daveed Benjamin
Daveed BenjaminFounder
Web4 Foundation,
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Lisa Atkinson
Lisa AtkinsonFounder / Director
Soliton Images
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Richard Bukowski
Richard BukowskiForecasting Facilitator, Futurist
Digital Wheel of Fortune, LLC
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Liam Broza
Liam BrozaCEO
Ethereal Engine
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Tess McKinney
Tess McKinneyCEO/Consultant
Firework Media Studio, LLC/XRenegades
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Jason Gilbert
Jason GilbertPresident
TV Feeder Inc.
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Cristina Imre
Cristina ImreFounder
Tech Leadership Lab
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Deepankar Saxena
Deepankar SaxenaDeputy Manager - Human Resource
Skyroot Aerospace
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Debbie Deer
Debbie DeerCEO/Creative Technologist
Orion Digital Innovations and Creations Inc. (Orion Digital Inc.)
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Michael Goldrich
Michael GoldrichChief Advisor & Founder
Vivander Advisors
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Charlene Nichols
Charlene NicholsCEO
The Omniverse City
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Grant McGaugh
Grant McGaughCEO
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Emily Wright
Emily WrightCreator
It’ll be alwright
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Wish Born
Wish BornPresident
Renaissance Analytics
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Hanan Merabi
Hanan MerabiFounder & director
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Hubertus von Roenne
Hubertus von RoenneManaging Partner
Data Sharing Solutions GbR
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Lisi Linares
Lisi LinaresPublicist
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Allen Olson-Urtecho
Allen Olson-UrtechoDesign Lead, Founder
Studio Bahia
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Moses Ochieng
Moses OchiengCEO
Investa Farm
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Eli Boahen
Eli BoahenGraduate Student ( MS )
University of Massachusetts Amherst ( DACSS )
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Phakama Sibanda
Phakama SibandaCo-Founder
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Dana-Maria Faneker
Dana-Maria FanekerFounder
CaptainVR B.V.
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Jamaal Thomas
Jamaal ThomasRenaissance Futurist
Create The Future
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Ippolito Caradonna
Ippolito CaradonnaCo-founder, CEO
Aug Lab
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Stacy Whittle
Stacy WhittleCo-founder
Teatro del Corazón | Heart Theatre
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Raul V Rodriguez
Raul V RodriguezVice President
Woxsen University
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Russell Bundy
Russell BundyCEO/President
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Dr Shruti Choudhary
Dr Shruti ChoudharyProfessor
Woxsen University
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Hemachandran Kannan
Hemachandran KannanDirector of AI Research Centre
Woxsen University
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Mariya Pallais
Mariya PallaisFounder
Mariya Pallais PR
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Francisco Espinoza
Francisco EspinozaCEO
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Stefan Youngblood
Stefan YoungbloodFounder CEO
Black Metaverse/Hire Black
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Adam Yasmin
Adam YasminFacilitator
Mindful Screentime & Slow Tea
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Luke Peterson
Luke PetersonCEO
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Vivian Gomes
Vivian GomesChief Digital Officer - Co Founder
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Alekh Johari
Alekh JohariFounder
Anemoi Solution
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Anil Altas Brug
Anil Altas BrugCo-Founder
Turboslow Web3 Agency
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Daniel Andreev
Daniel AndreevCPO and co-founder
PsyTech VR
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Matt Fischer
Matt FischerCEO
AI Revolution Labs
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Kris Krüg
Kris KrügFounder & CEO
Future Proof Creatives
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Sabina NB
Sabina NBCEO and Co Founder
Human Factors Research & Design
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