Cathline Smoos

CEO, Adventurous Spaceship Captain


Psychologist and sexologist specialised in new technologies, Cathline Smoos divides her time between her therapeutic practice, research and exploration of future sexuality and remote connections.

She also runs a virtual reality podcast, TheVRsexologist, and recently became CEO of ImbueVR, the first erotic game for couples in virtual reality.

Talk Title:

Love in the Metaverse

Talk Description :

Is a Metaverse possible without love connection? Why is sex and love so much taboo and why is it so important to include it in the discussions for the future of technology. In this talk Daniel and Cathline will share with you their aspirations and inspirations for the future and drive you through their journey as founders of a Love-Tech company

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September 20th-21st, 2022

GatherVerse EU Summit

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