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Shara Lewis-Campbell is the co-founder of Beauty & the Beast Publishing, a book publishing and Media Company. In the spirit of Nadine Gordimer, she believes all writers have a social responsibility in all arenas.

Her speciality involves publishing aspiring writers atypically from the industry, providing them with a voice and opportunity as social beings, creatively through independent published works. Using their writings as a formula to demonstrate various aspects within society.

It is their mission to create a concrete collective of authors into the industry who write from a place of integrity.

Shara and her business partner Andrew Foster have collectively served within the writing industry over thirty years, honing their craft and together have successfully published over seventy aspiring authors to date, in addition to their own collection of fifteen publications.

Shara is socially conscious and a staunch campaigner of Restorative Justice, and raises awareness by amplifying the voiceless through inclusion and innovative expression.

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Will provide an indepth presentation on what the term Calibrated Directional Reconstitution (CDR) means in society.

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September 20th-21st, 2022

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